When You See a Like on your Gamertag Comment, your on the whitelist!

Hello and Welcome!
I would like to personally invite you to the future of Gaming.
Its Simple, We Work Hard, and Play Hard, so now its time to test those limits.


  1. On this Page add your gamertag to the Comments.
  2. You will then be added by myself to the Whitelist.
  3. You will be given a challenge room(example make a dungeon)to build whatever you like.(Not a Home)
  4. It will be in Vanilla Minecraft, with the following rules.

  • Do not break the lapis or quartz bordering your room, everyone has an equal size.
  • No Water, Lava or Redstone
  • Anything you want to be world-edited use coloured wool, and place a sign stating what you would like it to be when coded
  • Places signs up for any buffs, debuffs, monsters and ideas to have coded.
  • Do NOT place chests or workbenches

Once you are finished, email me on the website
Subject - GamersRUs Online - My Room

I will then go thru your room, code it, and complete the test on it with Staff. 
Once approved, you will receive your [SKY] tag and award giving you the space to make a home to rest your head when you're not choosing your own adventure in the New World.

The Worlds first available on release will be Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, SwordArtOnline, Final Fantasy & the New Residential Server to Live your lives to the fullest with even more Anime Worlds added Monthly.

The Future Starts Now, Will you join the Sky?!

Looking forward to meeting you!

The Files Needed to Join

If you want to gain more access faster, join our voice chat 

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