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Letter from the Doctor

Skykros @ GamersRUs Online
posted Thu at 22:20

Now in Live Alpha Testing!

Hello Gamers of GamersRUs, We bring you here now to Season 3 of GRU. It involves a few new mods and some new experiences as well. The time has come for you to decide, who will you team up with. Will you be able to create the world? Will you band together for the greater good or form factions against each other? Just remember, You need to recreate the origins of each world for the Lost Leaders to Return too!

Files to Play with Video Instructions Below!

While Dancing with myself on some other world, I ran across my previous selves, the Tenth (ahern14) Doctor and the Eleventh (Skykros) Doctor, Whilst I thought it was impossible but none the less interesting we decided that we would go on an adventure. This resulted in a massive party on the Moon of Pyramids. We had brought a few other friends from other universes with us, the Soul King, Avatar, Sage of Six Paths, Makarov, Kayaba Akihiko, Lord Death, and Professor Oak.
While disco dancing, Skykros and Alaqade broke my Arton Energy Capacitor; the result: a Massive Rift in Parallel Universes! Creating a Rift, the new universe, mixed with all the others threw us into the Time Vortex, and the worst part ... Now those Famous Leaders are lost in time. This Apocalypse has Horrid beings from all the worlds attacking every time-line. Only you, and all the others I have spoken too, can stop this.
P.S. Remember, the cake is a lie, but the party wasn't.
Bring the misplaced objects to The Doctor so you can start to recreate the beginnings of Konoha Village, Soul Society, The Black Iron Castle, Professors Oak's Lab, The Avatar's Temple, Fiore, Death Weapon Meister Academy, and Akihabara, this way the "Lost Leaders" will have a timeline to Return too!!! As always, good luck crafter, may the vortex be with you, -The Doctor

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[GRU] Gamer99732   nice
[GRU] Skolvers LOTR FOUNDER  Thank you Midori ! :sick:
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDER[link]

testing currently, use this file if you want to join
Tinkers Test
Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERwere currently testing, if you wish to join here are the files needed

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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERBeta will be coming sooner then anticipated, alot of great testing went on tonight, and tomorrow should finish it off! Thank you all for the help
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERThe Land Whales kicked Groudon off the Land
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDER  #LandWhales
[GRU] Gamer99732   lol =3 #LandWhalesOP
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[GRU] Gamer99732   Welcome to Gamers R Us
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[GRU] Gamer99732   Welcome to Gamers R Us
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