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maybe your not logged in when on those pages
does this mean I can't play on the server until the 30th?
I cant get on! :(
why don't i have access to the to only the home shout box and not any other ones
lol hey dudes were testing out the staff, thats what I have setup till the 30th cuz everything is awesome!
You do not have access to shout

Knights to Remember

[GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDER posted Jul 11, 14

The Knights of The GRU, and the CORE are Proud to Present ..   

The 1st Annual GRU Games (The GG's)  

You have wanted to make a difference, now is the chance to make those more than words 

Put your Fate into your own hands and Forge your Destiny  

Day 1 Bleach Siege of Souls - The Forge of Battle  
You WILL Forge your own Zanpakuto!


This Summer at Gamers R Us you’re about to see  a Summer Preview of The 21 WorldSeed Servers  

We are GRU - we do what we want because we can!  

Game, Respect, Understand - Let the 2014 Summer Games Begin  

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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERDear WorldSeed - This is how you make me feel. (See Video)

After realizing the dream is reality in 22 hours of straight gaming, I look forward to my Birthday release of WorldSeed 1.0 in Gamma for the community!
Avicii - You Make Me
Spotify :
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDER  Today a young Skykros played his 5th day of minecraft ... and it was good
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERWake up ... the WorldSeed has been planted ... 23 servers and counting :) 9 days left till the Level Up Series 4
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