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Come one and come All, Do you have what it takes to challenge the 12 bosses? This will be a community testing event, please listen to all skykros and ahern14 instructions
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goog job alaqade!
For all those who are trying to connect that are new, the version of bleach mod in the folder is the one before, here is the current one. if by chance you do not have the 1.0.7 version of bleach mod that we use on the server currently
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The Gamers R Us Academies

[GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERo posted Sep 6, 14
Hello and thank you for reading this  

We here at GamersRUs are dedicated to you the Gamer. 
Your learning and earning potential is about to be greatly Rewarded! How you ask?  

The GamersRUs Academies of KIDO, JUTSU & MAGIC will be opening up this Weekend; forever changing the way you game.  

We will be releasing Every Saturday 3 classes for each academy; learn about the power fully before Earning the Ability to use it. That’s a Total of 9 Free Powers a week! 
All you have to do is Read it, Learn it, and Earn it!  

The Training Zone is the only PVP Area outside of The Arenas
In the Training Zone you can practice all your earned abilities to prepare for the Friday Night Tournament! Earn "Recognition & Rewards" for being the TOP CORE PLAYER!  

Now at the End of the Month you will be able to take your Graduate Exam to gain access to the Worlds of your choice: Bleach Siege of Soul / Soul Society, Jutsu, and Fiore. 
*Donators Gain Premium Access early with any total donation of 15$ for purchasing their favorite Items, Abilities, Class or more for that world. 

This is your chance to not wonder what you can do, but learn what you're truly capable of!  

The Whitelist is NO MORE for GamersRUs
Instead come in learn and play, but to become a Member you will need to take the pledge from the GameShop. If you purchase this pledge without being on the server at the same time, you didn't read the instructions in the pledge description and will have to wait 7 days for an Upgrade.  

Reading is Learning and Learning is Earning!
By Months end you WILL HAVE FREE 9 Kido's, 9 Jutsu's, 9 Magic Spells. Each month NEW Academies and NEW Abilities will be taught Saturdays at 12PM Server Time.  

We Appreciate you gaming with us, now show us your inner Core and what you are truly capable of!  

Files Needed:

Game On 

Skykros and the GRU Core

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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERA Flashback in GamersRUs History, Being Re-coded and Updated for Secret Event
Gamers R Us: Avatar Origins
Enjoy and come bend away your day, W...
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDER  The IP was from when we used to pay for hosting, now WE ARE THE HOST :sick: how we have evolved
[GRU] Shadowrobo509 LOTR FOUNDER  I was once a water bender, then i realized i could throw a boulder with my hand and forgot how to control water.
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERPlayer Spotlight Dumbel :sick:
Kisuke Urahara - Practicing for Dancing with the Souls Event
Uploaded with Free Video Converter from Freemake http://www....
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[GRU] rolaand   i looked at it for not so long ago and it was hilarious xD miss that time :sick:
[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERWant to Join us? click beside the Home Button to GRU-Online and see the news feed there
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