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How do I even get whitelisted, cant find the item in teh shop
Yay! :d
The server is back up!
I wonder when I'll be granted permission to post on the wall. cause something might happen that everyone should know.
Yeah. I bet my Bankai was so awesome the server exploded. but I went to bed at 1:00. so I couldnt have.
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Bleach Season 2 - Siege of Souls

[GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDER posted Fri at 9:59
The Official Bleach Server
 is proud to announce

Three Months have passed for Bleach Siege of Souls. You have trained, fought, and battled against Monsters, Hollows, Area Bosses, and even ... each other. Its Season 2! In Game-time most of you are over 18 now, so with that we're proud to announce its time to GET A JOB KID!!!

The War Nears and with it many new items will be available, get a job starting Easter Monday and be the first to start earning and producing for the world. What will you do with your new found riches? Will you open up a training Dojo? or will you become a Karakura TV Star? So many options and more will be coming this Season in Bleach. Enjoy this calm before the Spring of War about to Arrive


Get in the Game! Watch This!
Get the GameShop Free Badge

With New Weekly Events Missions and More Leading upto the BleachMMO you will want to get trained fast to game stronger then ever before!!!

Also this Season for GamersRUS - 
LOTR Beta Weekend Unlock  - Creative - April 26th/27th
Naruto - Children of Shadows - May 2014

Spoiler Promotion Hit 100 likes 
by April 18th 2014 - GameShop Special Free Unlock
[GRU] ChibiNekoHimeIt has come to my attention that many people on the server are currently unaware that we have rules on the server. It is sad to know that, so I have taken it upon myself to keep everyone inform on the rules of the server but also our community. I will be posting these rules once a month for everyone both new and old players coming to join our community. There will be two versions of the rules the rules as they are on the server and for people who like to agrue I have even made a set or expanded rules that I got help with from other GRU Staff. Please read these rules, understand them and live by them in real life but also your virtual lives.

Rules on the Server: [link]

Expanded Server Rules:

I also took this chance and translated the rules to Portuguese, if I am missing any lanagues that any other members speak please let me know and I will add it in.
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[S.O.S] Miki_Hatsune   we outta do that.
[GRU] mikii21 BeaterLOTR FOUNDER  WooooOoo were half way there WoooooOooo livin on a prayer! ~*living on a prayer...
[S.O.S] Miki_Hatsune   xD Good one Mikii
[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDER  published Bleach Season 2 - Siege of Souls on Soul News
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDER  published Bleach Season 2 - Siege of Souls on News
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