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A Community of Like Minded Gamer's with a Pledge to End Bullying

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About Us

I kept Dreaming of a Place

With gaming there comes many experiences with other players online.

We wanted to create a place free of bullying and intolerance.

Joining the Pledge to End Bullying in 2013, We started learning to make games, so we could offer them to people who also believed in the pledge.

GamersRUs focuses on players getting to have fun and create positive experiences, overcoming challenges and achieving their goals together!

And then One Day

Worlds of endless adventure, places we heard in stories, read about in tales of adventure and shows that sparked our imagination.

We wanted to be in those worlds and create our own legend alongside our favourite heroes.

I Got In

With the Worlds we offer to explore and play within, we ask that you agree to follow the rules in place!

If you're enjoying yourself and want to show your appreciation; Feel free but not obliged to donate any amount to Paypal.me/GamersRUs

We appreciate all of you from around the world coming here to be part of this community

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We also offer local PC Sales and Repairs with OnSite Service!


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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Sunday: Closed

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Game, Respect, Understand

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