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any new rpg guys? I wanna play :sick:
Back Up Update & Restart Complete - Coming this weekend, Option for Customizing your very own SAO weapon ability! The Path of the VIzard Update, The Power of The Master & Spirit Bond & The Tournaments you have all been waiting for!
Server Back Up, Updates & Restart Underway!
Happy Birthday Jaller!
Happy Birthday Jaller!!!
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Sword Art Online: The World of Swords

[GRU] Obscurananoxa7 acptBeaterLOTR FOUNDER posted Dec 5, 14
Due to even more smoothing out of the quests and world of Sword Art Online, SAO will be released for Saturday at 12:59 pm server time, we've put in extra efforts for players to have the best Minecraft experience possible, and also because that is the time that Kirito entered the game world in the anime Sword Art Online. 

In addition, there will be an official Tournament of the Swords to celebrate the release of SAO. It's time will be determined soon. 

The format of the tournament will be as such: 
A person who signs up successfully for the event on the gamersrus site will receive 25 free Gameshop points and be randomly paired off against another player. Two paired players will fight, and the winner will move on up to the next winner of another pair, double elimination, in typical tournament style. The ultimate prize for the finalists and runners up will be customized swords. With the amount of people registering and the prize given away, up to 5000 gameshop points have been awarded.

Files to Play with Video Instructions Below!

Don't Forget to Like & Subscribe for your Chance to Win Monthly!
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[GRU] Skykros LOTR FOUNDERThere is only one way for a player to escape, you must clear the game.

Right Now you are gathered on Floor 1 - the lowest Level of the game.
If you can get through the dungeon and defeat the boss, you can advance to the next floor.
Defeat the Boss on Floor 100 and you will clear the Game.

The Winner who saves us all will receive a WORLDSEED from myself, of their choice.
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